I will Continue To Rent In Arizona and Pay My Landlords Mortgage

Yep, Renting is cool.


I pay on time first of the month, every month throughout the year.

I don't like to create any kind of generational wealth so I just keep on renting. Sure, i teach my family taht you will never own nothing in this life.

Just keep renting

I don't want to owe nothing. I don't want to pay a mortgage.

I will pay my landlord's mortgage and keep on making them rich.

Then when they kick me out, I have to move and go put another security deposit to go and rent again. 

I don't want to own anything.

I don't want to buy a house.

I don't want to create any kind of wealth.

I mean who really wants that, WEALTH?

Who wants to buy something and sell it for a lot of money later?

Plain nuts, man, it's just plain nuts.

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