What is it like Living in Tempe, Arizona? [Tempe AZ tour of the REAL Tempe Arizona]

Living that TEMPE ARIZONA life! [Tempe AZ tour of the REAL Tempe Arizona]

The real Tempe, Arizona, that you have not seen. This is where you'll be living and playing and eating in Tempe, AZ.

Now it's cool to go down to ASU, Mill Avenue, hang out with the youngins, watch an ASU football game, watch an ASU baseball game, ASU basketball game, but you are not going to be living with the kids.

Kiwanis Park is a significant park in the city of Tempe, Arizona. So many people come here to run, play soccer, flag football, and tennis, plus there's a big lake. In addition, Kiwanis in Tempe is where many adults come just to hang out with their families.

Welcome to Mill Town Center over here off of Baseline and Mill Avenue. We are actually off a Baseline and Mill Avenue. So if you're living in Tempe, you'll probably be hanging out here and downtown Mill Avenue as you have there with all the kids. Alright, so right here we have some Barrow Mexican restaurant. And we have a Firehouse Subs as well. But it's a nice little plaza here to come hang out too if you want something different, the older crowd, you could say.

If you're going to live in Tempe, you're probably going to play here. This is the real-life in Tempe that you'll be living. You get the young, and you get the old, you get the hip, you get to hang out between Chandler and Scottsdale. Nice area, nice and quiet. Real clean, excellent school districts as well. Lots of things to do in Tempe, Arizona, if you are thinking about living in Tempe Arizona.

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~Victor Huerta~


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